The build bot acts like a chaos monkey and just runs in a bunch of ~amd64 images: "qsearch --all | sort --random-sort | xargs -n 1 emerge" and acts on issues.

I run this build bot to identify build and installation issues of Gentoo Linux software packages - just to have fun but to redeem too to a Linux distribution I do use and trust since 2003. The term "tinderbox" for it was reused from the former (and in the meanwhile retired) Gentoo developer flameeyes.

Each image is setup from a recent stage3 tarball as an arbitrary combination of ~amd64 + profile + USE flag + ... set. Within each image all Gentoo packages are scheduled to be emerged in a randomized order. Once a day @system and @world are updated. No unmerge is made. Portage tree is synced hourly, changes are mixed into the image backlog.
Usually after 6,000 - 11,000 emerges (6-14 days) either @world or @preserved-rebuilds starts to have problems. Then an image is replaced by a fresh new one. The old image is kept around for about 2 months.

Teh content of current images + current filed bugs can be browsed here.
The observed ::gentoo tree coverage goes strong in the first few days but doesn't exceed 92% even after weeks. There are few numbers for -j3 and -j4.

The source code is available under the GPLv3.

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